​​​We know that skills and quality are very important in this field, that’s why we focus on the individual training a lot. Practical forums and talks are being held for our members all the time.

Corporate training is so important to the hospitality field, as it can bring the core values to the staff of the company, we care for everyone.​​

H​ospitality Manager

Leading by example has always been a key means of inspiring loyalty and commitment, so hospitality managers with leadership skills never shy away from bussing a table, carrying luggage or mixing a cocktail.



Hospitality Supervisor

In hospitality industry, many of the supervisor's daily decisions affect profits, attitudes and morale. Because of the functions of supervisors and the major role they play, it is obvious that good supervisors are the key to the success of any organization.



Retail Manager 

Retail managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of stores or departments. The aim of any retail manager is to maximise profits while minimising costs.  Retail managers ensure promotions are run accurately and to the company's standards.


Retail Supervisor

The retail industry is highly dynamic and innovative, in which supervisors carry a crucial duty - to be the link between the company's goals and the people who must accomplish those goals.


Project Manager 

Every business organization’s success depends on the strength of its leadership. The more project manager skills a company’s leaders have, the greater its success. For project managers, the greater their skill set, the more valuable they are to employers.


Project Supervisor

Skilled project supervisors are invaluable to businesses implementing complex, project-based processes completed by teams of workers. This specialty fulfills an increasingly important role in countless companies. With thousands of project supervisors openings currently posted on major job-search sites, it's clear that project management is one of today's fastest-growing professions.


Gaming Manager 

Gaming managers ensure that casino customers have a great experience. While there are no formal education requirements for the position, gaming managers must have strong customer service skills, and experience working in the gaming industry.


Gaming Supervisor

Table games supervisor, casino pit supervisor, floor person, human resources departments in various casinos worldwide have similar names for this job position. Generally the first level of supervisory position that is responsible for the management and operation of one or more of your casinos table games. To the playing public in our casinos, this job position is generically lumped together and called "Pit Boss".