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Australian Hospitality and Tourism Association (AHTA) is an organization that is responsible for providing professional training about different kinds of skills.

Australian Hospitality and Tourism Association (AHTA) also promotes the values of the field to different places around the world.

Australian Hospitality and Tourism Association (AHTA) welcome all the members in the related field as we provide various services for them.

Australian Hospitality and Tourism Association (AHTA) is also famous for their award system.


As the supportive authority for the hospitality industry in Australia, we want everyone to be inspirational, creative and innovative in their specialties.


To enhance and solidify our members' professional abilities, to help them to become an expert or specialist in the hospitality field, and to let our members to develop in the field worldwide.


With the cohesiveness of the membership, we are the authority that can provide:

• Professional training

• Different exhibitions 
• Events • Exhibitions
• Corporate training
• Commercial advises
• Meetings • Seminars
• Membership training
• Industry advises
• Licenses advices

Who is our Partners

​• Hotels

• Retail stores

• Resorts

• Accommodation properties

• Clubs

• Convention centres

• Industry suppliers

• Boutique breweries

• Restaurants

• Wineries

• Bars & Pubs